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As we told you a few days ago here, despite what you can imagine, Sorrento does not close in winter.

Yes, we probably don’t dive in sea ​​(although some daredevils at the Meta beach you will always find it) but we continue to live in our city.

What do you do at Christmas in Sorrento?

And then the question of the questions is: what do you do at Christmas in Sorrento?
The most important habit we cannot overlook is taking a picture under the giant Christmas tree in Piazza Tasso that overlooks the square and that the evening of lights in a unique way!
Under that tree we have seen engaged couples exchange promises of eternal love, some marriage proposals and many many photos.

The Piazza Tasso Christmas tree in Sorrento is the starting point for making a walk through the center, festively decorated with the lights on and the windows of the dressed-up shops.
Walk through the narrow streets of the historic center and browse through the craft shops that are open all year, smell the scent of typical Christmas sweets like “struffoli” or the “mostaccioli” and “roccocò”, find some roast chestnuts vendors and warm hands before eating them. Yes, because even in these parts, in winter it does a bit cold and indeed sometimes the pungent atmosphere of winter is almost more beautiful summer. In this period of the year the sky is clean and from the Villa Comunale of Sorrento the panorama of the Gulf of Naples in this period of the year is to be taken off the breath. Not to mention those days when the tip of Vesuvius is covered with snow: magic pure!