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The most popular question from November onwards and which is becoming more and incessant in these last days of December is: What are you doing at New Year’s?
New Year is an unavoidable moment of the year, there are those who love it and there are those who hate it, there are those who bravely declare: “I don’t care! it’s a day like any other “and who
instead he hasn’t been expecting anything for a whole year.
And what about New Year in Sorrento?
From the late morning of December 31 you start to go down the street to do the wishes and some (many) toasts. The streets of the center of Sorrento, Piazza Lauro, Piazza Tasso, the alleys of the historic center begin to fill up between 11.30 and 12 and starts one procession among the shops and bars.
Around three in the afternoon there is the real peak of celebration: every bar has crowds of people
in front of his door, the music makes the squares of the premises open and the atmosphere is really joyful.
Meanwhile, little by little they start turning on the Christmas lights and when the the big tree of Piazza Tasso is completely illuminated the signal has arrived: yes, come home for New Year’s Eve dinner or get ready for those who will go directly to celebrate after midnight.
And it is at midnight that the magic happens: on the end of the countdown the Gulf of Naples seen from Sorrento lights up for the fireworks that will last at least an hour to greet the old year and welcome the new one.

A kaleidoscope of colors and emotions, a toast, a kiss to a loved one and a wish to express for the new year.

Happy 2020 to you!

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